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Ballistol Animal Tierpflegeöl 500 ml

Ballistol Animal Animal Care Oil, 500 ml


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Ballistol Animal animal care oil, 500 ml can - animal care products - Ballistol Animal is... more
Product information "Ballistol Animal Animal Care Oil, 500 ml"

Ballistol Animal animal care oil, 500 ml can
- animal care products -

Ballistol Animal is the natural and gentle care for your pet.
It has been manufactured for over 65 years with proven, purely plant-based active ingredients of pharmaceutical quality.
Ballistol Animal contains no preservatives or colorings and is absolutely environmentally friendly.

  • For deep-acting skin and paw care
  • Gentle ear cleaning
  • Ideal for tail, coat and hoof care

Care and protection of all pets and farm animals
Skin and paw care: Rub or massage in sensitive areas several times a day with Ballistol Animal. Promotes hair growth on chafing and sunbed bumps.
In winter, preventative protection against road salt and snow freezing on the paw hair.

Caring for the ears: Put Ballistol Animal on a clean cloth and wipe out the auricle as much as possible.
Do not pour any oil directly into the ear canal! Repeat cleaning depending on how dirty it is.
Clean narrow areas in the auricle with a soaked cotton swab.

Tail, coat and hoof care: Spread Ballistol Animal on the brush and brush the tail well .
Incrustations dissolve. The tail hair becomes silky shiny and loose.
Mane care is done in the same way. Brush hooves with Ballistol Animal after cleaning.

Leg and stand care: Apply to the stand with a brush for care and preventive protection.
Soak encrusted scales in warm water beforehand, then brush the stands with Ballistol Animal.
Repeat the process after a few days. Tip: A splash of Ballistol in the water will help soften it.
Also ideal for catching raptors.


Material compatibility:

Rubber (oil-resistant), wood, leather, metal / non-ferrous metal, metal / stainless steel, metal / iron

Special Features:

Acetone-free, biodegradable, resin-free and does not gum up., PTFE-free, silicone-free, acid-free

PZN 3360940

Address manufacturer:
Ballistolweg 1
D-84168 Aham

Area of Application:: Coat / Skin, Hooves, Pfoten, Skin Conditions
Packaging: box
Dosage form: liquid

Paraffinum Liquidum (med. reines Weißöl), Oleic Acid, Potassium hydroxide, Isoamylalcohol, Alcohol, Aqua, Mentha Piperita Herb Oil, Illicium Verum Fruit Oil, Ammonia, Sodium Saccharin, d-Limonene (als nat. Bestandteil von Pfefferminzöl)