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Makana Banane Leckerli Snack für Pferde, 1000 g Beutel

Makana Banana Treat Snack for Horses, 1 kg

Makana ®

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Makana Banana Treats, pelleted - 1 kg  Horse treats made from pure grain ... more
Product information "Makana Banana Treat Snack for Horses, 1 kg"

Makana Banana Treats, pelleted - 1 kg 

Horse treats made from pure grain 

Makana treats are aromatic, high-quality reward snacks that all animals love to eat. You shouldn't reward your four-legged friend with anything, but spoil them with the right snack.

Makana treats are a healthy and delicious treat for your loved one. Made from pure, high-quality grain, aromatic in three different flavors. As a reward in training, for work or for dental care: a treat always tastes good. Makana treats fit in a pocket and won't crumble, smudge, or stick. They are always at hand on the field, on a ride and to tie up in the box or on the pasture. 

The right flavor - for your horse
Riders often go for fruity flavors when buying treats for their horse. However, many horses have completely different preferences than humans. English scientists have studied which flavors are preferred by horses - with amazing results. Director of Studies Dr. Deborah Goodwin from the University of Southampton reports that a great many horses really like the taste of fenugreek seeds, caraway, oregano and rosemary. However, bananas, apples and carrots top the list of most popular flavors in horses.

Preferably feed as a reward or as a treat between meals.

Approx. 100 g - 200 g per animal and day.

Composition: Wheat 53.0%, barley 20.0%, oats 10.0%, spelt 10.0%, sugar beet molasses 5.0%, dried Bananas 2.0%

Ingredients: Crude protein 11.5%, crude fiber 4.5%, crude fat 2.5%, crude ash 2.5%

Additives: no additives