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Fermentgetreide KANNE BIO 7kg Eimer

KANNE Organic Enzyme-Fermented Grain, 7 kg

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KANNE ORGANIC enzyme-fermented grain High-quality feed supplement for horses – from the... more
Product information "KANNE Organic Enzyme-Fermented Grain, 7 kg"

KANNE ORGANIC enzyme-fermented grain

High-quality feed supplement for horses – from the Company KANNE

A shiny coat, healthy hooves, strength and energy – these are the signs of a proper nutrition and a healthy metabolism.

There is a substantial relation between health and a balanced nutrition, particularly where it concerns horses. Even more as a human, a horse needs a nutrition that supplies mineral nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. If this is not the case, the coat becomes dull, the temperament is declining, digestive difficulties commence, muscle stiffness occurs, poor or greedy appetite develop. All these indications are truly alarming signs. You can help your horse to maintain its high level of health by daily supplementing 80g-100g KANNE enzyme-fermented grain.

KANNE enzyme-fermented grain is a lactic acid fermentation product that helps to restore the acid-base balance. The base is a whole-wheat bread from certified organic wheat, rye and oat that is produced with natural sourdough. This whole-wheat bread is then subjected to a spontaneous fermentation through patented fermentation processes. While forming D- and L-lactate (in equal proportions), essential electrolytes, trace elements and vitamins are transferred into the liquid phase, whereby the lactic acid has an extra significance.

The lactic acid that is an integral part of the KANNE enzyme-fermented grain powder, eliminates metabolic disorders, activates the metabolism, inhibits putrefaction in the bowel, supports digestion, boosts the feed conversion and strengthens the vital functions.

Area of Application:: Metabolism
Dosage form: Powder
Packaging: bucket

As a feed supplement feed your horse (600 kg body weight) 80g-100g KANNE enzyme-fermented grain daily. Adapt accordingly for smaller horses and ponies.

KANNE enzyme-fermented grain is easily digestible and can be fed year-round.

Whole-wheat bread (wheat, rye, oat, water, natural sourdough, rock salt)