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Collagen Powder, 250 g

Alanui ®

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alanui collagen powder 250g box 100% pure collagen powder (PETAGILE® SP)  - Food grade... more
Product information "Collagen Powder, 250 g"

alanui collagen powder 250g box

100% pure collagen powder (PETAGILE® SP)
 - Food grade collagen peptides from pig skin
 - Pure collagen protein with a low mineral content
 - The average molecular weight is 6,000 g/mol
 - odorless and tasteless

Alanui collagen is suitable for the cartilage biosynthesis of the joints. Feeding-related deficiency symptoms can be compensated for by the collagen. The entire musculoskeletal system of the animal can be positively influenced.

We pay attention to quality for you: Our manufacturer produces the highly pure collagen hydrolyzate from healthy pigs, which are also approved for human consumption. The production takes place in accordance with the EU hygiene regulation no. (EG) no. 852/2004 on food hygiene and no. 853/2004 with specific hygiene regulations for food of animal origin.

Area of Application:: Locomotor System
Dosage form: Powder
Packaging: box

2 g per 10 kg body weight. Depending on the dog's needs and weight, add to the daily food.

A level measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 4 g.

The collagen is odorless and tasteless.

100% pure collagen powder (PETAGILE® SP)

Analytical components: crude protein: 95.4%, crude ash 0.4%, crude fiber 0.0%, crude fat 0.0%