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Horse tail, chopped 500 g

Makana ®

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Makana horsetail for animals, cut, 500 g bag - Single feed for horses - Scientific name:... more
Product information "Horse tail, chopped 500 g"

Makana horsetail for animals, cut, 500 g bag
- Single feed for horses -

Scientific name: Herba Equiseti cc.

Field horsetail is a plant from the horsetail class (Latin: Herba Equiseti; Equisetopsida).

The field horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is known in this country under various names. These include horsetail, field horsetail, panbuter or scouring herb (at that time the herb was used as a cleaning agent for pewter crockery in particular), ponytail, cat tail and sheep's hay.

Field horsetail, which occurs primarily in the northern hemisphere and sporadically in the Mediterranean zones, can be found in loamy, moist soils, in sheltered locations such as embankments and ditches, but also on the edges of meadows.

However, the plant has also adapted to other climatic conditions and has thus also been introduced into South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

The Japanese even grow the herb as a vegetable.

Field horsetail is rich in silica, plant acids, carboxylic acids, potassium, flavonoids and glycosides and other trace elements.

Field horsetail for horses can be supplemented to support general well-being.

If you buy field horsetail for horses, you are making a conscious decision in favor of a completely plant-based and ecological feed that can also contribute to the healthy physical condition of your horse.

Ingredients: silicic acid, saponins, flavones, calcium, potassium, magnesium, other trace elements

Made from fresh, cleaned and gently dried goods.

Dosage form: cut
Herbs / Area of Application: Kidney, Metabolism, Respiratory tract, skin and coat
Packaging: paper bag

Large horses (600 kg body weight) 25 g - 50 g / day. Adapt ponies and small horses accordingly.

ATTENTION: Please do not use field horsetail if you have disorders of the central nervous system. Likewise, the field horsetail should not be used if there is a heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease or edema.

Note: Please note the anti-doping and drug control rules of the German Equestrian Federation (FN) for equestrian sport.

ADMR conflict
A grace period of 48 hours must be observed
Source FN doping list