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Makana plantain leaves for animals, cut, 500 g bag

Makana ®

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Makana plantain leaves for animals, cut, 500 g bag - Single feed for horses - Scientific... more
Product information "Makana plantain leaves for animals, cut, 500 g bag"

Makana plantain leaves for animals, cut, 500 g bag
- Single feed for horses -

Scientific name: Folia Plantaginis lanc. conc., Plantago lanceolata

The buckhorn (also known as spiky herb, snake tongue or lung leaf;

lat.: Plantago lanceolata) belongs to the plantain family (Plantaginaceae).

The plantain, or “king of the way”, owes its name to its relatively
frequent occurrence on forest road edges and forest paths.

But you can also find it on fields and field borders as well as on extensive lawns and meadows.

The buckhorn has its origins in Europe, but in the meantime it is at home all over the world. 

The plant was and is still used today as a wild salad and as a food.

Especially in the aftermath of the world wars and during the Great Depression, when lettuce plants were in short supply,
the buckhorn gained notoriety through its use as a salad substitute.

Both the leaves and the whole herb are dried and often used to infuse tea.

The ingredients contained in the plant, such as tannins and mucilage, as well as silicic acids and essential oils, can
help support your horse's general well-being.

Through the supplementary feeding, a strengthening of the physical condition of your animal can be achieved.

mucilage, tanning agents, bitter substances, glycosides (e.g. aucubin, catalpol),
vegetable acids, silicic acid, minerals (e.g. zinc)< br />

Made from fresh, cleaned and gently dried goods.

Herbs / Area of Application: Respiratory tract
Dosage form: cut
Packaging: paper bag

Large horses (600 kg body weight) 30 g - 60 g / day. Adjust
ponies and small horses accordingly. 

Note: Please note the anti-doping and drug control rules
          the German Equestrian Federation (FN) for equestrian sport.

ADMR conflict
It is a waiting period of 48 hours must be observed
Source FN doping list