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manako Traubenkernöl, raffiniert, 250 ml Glasflasche

Grape Seed Oil, 250 ml

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manako Grape seed oil, 100% pure, 250 ml glass bottle Especially when buying grapes, many... more
Product information "Grape Seed Oil, 250 ml"

manako Grape seed oil, 100% pure, 250 ml glass bottle

Especially when buying grapes, many people make sure to get seedless grapes. The seeds contain many valuable substances. So if you don't want to chew grape seeds, it's best to use the tasty grape seed oil.

Tasty alternative
Grapeseed oil can be heated to a high temperature and is a delicious alternative to vegetable germ oil.

    - Suitable for the hot kitchen
    - Contains approx. 68% linoleic acid

With many oils, it is advised to pay attention to cold pressing. However, in the case of grapeseed oil, refining is desirable in order to obtain a stable oil. Due to the high smoke point, it is therefore very suitable for roasting, boiling and even deep-frying. Cold-pressed grape seed oil, on the other hand, is too sensitive and burns at high temperatures. In addition, refined grapeseed oil keeps fresh for about 1 year when stored in a cool and dark place, while cold-pressed grapeseed oil quickly becomes rancid and must be used up quickly after opening.

Note:Our grape seed oil is a natural product and is therefore subject to natural fluctuations. Sediment, turbidity or changes in taste and color are natural. Store cool and protected from light.

Oil Properties: raffiniert
Packaging: glass bottle

Just one spoonful a day when cooking or in a salad can help cover the need for fatty acids.

Zutaten: 100 % natürliches Traubenkernöl. Ohne Zusätze!

Nährwertangaben pro 100 g

Brennwert900 kcal / 3.700 kJ


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